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The National Stroke and Brain injury Continuum of Care (NSB) certification program educates you on how to provide Rehab training for Stroke, Brain injury survivors, and other conditions.

-Brain Injury
-Parkinson's Disease
-Cerebral Palsy
-Back and Joint Issues
-So many more...

Program Description: The N.S.B. program is a training program for stroke and brain injury survivors. This program is designed to educate rehabilitation providers on post therapy continuum care for the needed population. After a stroke or brain injury has occurred, the need for a continuous post therapy rehabilitation program that covers all aspects of full recovery is necessary. The N.S.B program reinforces prior therapy care, combined with all other key components needed for prolonged life expectancy. In this program, rehab providers will learn 7 key methods for continuum care of the stroke and brain injury survivor’s community. Requirements: ● Complete the NSB certification program ● 4 shadow sessions with NSB Coaches ● 4 shadow sessions with physical therapist ● Attend all Continuing education classes ● Become a volunteer for stroke and brain injury survivors’ events ● CPR/AED certified ● Maintain valid trainer’s insurance Program Cost:
● $1,395 ● $200(Annual Recertification)

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